Why are you called "Rainy City Trading"?

Well, legend has it that Lord Sydney Bernstein, the iconic founder of the Granada entertainment group, chose Manchester for the first TV station outside London by looking at a UK rainfall map, his logic being that a region forced to shelter from constant torrential rain would quickly become avid viewers. We're proud sons of Manchester, but we think of Old Sydney's wisdom every time we look longingly out of the window, searching in vain for a break in the dark clouds!

Admittedly, despite our roots in The Rainy City, we can't offer you the world's longest running soap, as His Lordship did, but we will, from time-to-time, offer you a few pallets of sanitising hand gel!

What products does Rainy City Trading buy?

We'll buy anything which can be sold by a UK or European High Street discount retailer. That includes stationery, toys, gifts, accessories, DIY, gardening, housewares, electrical appliances and accessories, luggage, bags, watches, exercise and sport equipment, computer peripherals, hair and beauty, lighting and branded fashionwear

What IS "clearance"?

Most businesses experience peaks and troughs in demand and cash resources can be under pressure. One way to release the pressure instantly is to sell stock to inject cash into the company coffers.

Warehouse space can be under pressure, too, and, if the space is costly, it erodes margin. It's often better to sell the stock, rather than bearing the ongoing cost of finance and storage.

Fashions change quickly and last year's styles can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Prudent businesses focus their attentions on the latest ranges by off-loading remnants of stock from last season.

For all of these reasons, importers, manufacturers and distributors "clear" stock

Why sell to Rainy City Trading, rather than your own customers?

For a number of reasons!

Firstly, like you, your own customers want to focus on the latest ranges, rather than giving valuable shelf-space to your obsolete stock!

Secondly, you have worked hard to established a price structure with your customers. Clearing stock through them at a different price might set a dangerous precedent

Thirdly, you might specifically want to prevent the stock from emerging into your established market place. Rainy City Trading will work with you to ensure that the merchandise is sold into non-conflicting distribution channels

Fourthly, selling through your existing customer-base can be time-consuming and distracting for your sales force. Rainy City Trading will aim to take all of the stock off your hands in one fell-swoop!

Why sell to Rainy City Trading, rather than a competitor?

Firstly, there is no competition!

Seriously, though, it's difficult to find a company which keeps its word like Rainy City Trading does.

Who does Rainy City Trading sell to?

Our core customers are UK discount retailers and mail order companies. We also sell to wholesalers and on-line stores.

Who does Rainy City Trading buy from?

That would be telling! But, suffice it to say that we have long-established relationships with a large number of major brands

Can Rainy City Trading find a specific product?

Tell us what you want, when you want it, how many you need and what your budget is and we'll contact our network of suppliers

Is there a minimum order value?

No. Provided you are buying for a business, you can spend as much or as little as you like

I have stock to sell. Who do I contact?

Click here and we'll get straight back to you

I'm interested in buying. Who do I contact?

Click here and we'll get straight back to you

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